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What's new for Toi To Ora?

Toi Te Ora Public Health Service has collected a summary of Health Promotion projects undertaken across the Bay of Plenty district.  This booklet,  Health Promotion Recognition Summaries, has been sent to all Public Health Units, the Public Health Association, the Ministry of Health, the Health Promotion Forum, the BOPDHB Management and Board, and all health providers within its region.  Contact from Toi Te Ora for a copy.



  Public health service: Toi Te Ora - Bay of Plenty

About Toi Te Ora - Public Health Service

Toi Te Ora works innovatively and professionally to promote, protect and improve the health of people in its communities.  It is a service of the Bay of Plenty District Health Board – Hauora a Toi - whose funding comes from the Ministry of Health.  Toi Te Ora works with all people in the greater Bay of Plenty and Lakes District from Waihi Beach in the west, to Cape Runaway in the east and Turangi in the south.

‘Toi Te Ora’ suggests the idea of enduring well being.  ‘Toi’ is the name of a celebrated ancestor in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, and ‘Ora’ is to be alive, well and healthy.Toi Te Ora - Public Health Service - organisational workforce development
To Te Ora's vision is to have healthy thriving communities - Kia Momoho Te Hapori Oranga, and its mission is to enable communities to achieve good health and independence and ensure access to high quality services. See Toi Te Ora's website for further information. 

Public health workforce development: Toi Te Ora - Public Health Service

Toi Te Ora have now finalised its service wide Workforce Development Plan and have kindly provided the plan as a sample for other organisations to peruse.  The plan uses the Te Uru Kahikatea framework as its structure. Key responsibilities for implementing the actions in the plan will be assigned across the Toi Te Ora staff in the coming months. 

They are however already making steady progress towards the outcomes in the plan, which is fantastic. 

You can use the TUK Framework for your organisation's workforce development by using the Workforce Development Plan Template for organisations.

A focus on developing Maori providers

Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service is a key adviser on the reference group for the Bay of Plenty District Health Board  Maori Health Provider Workforce Development project which is a unique project specifically aimed at assisting Maori providers to develop more robust Workforce Development Plans.
The reference group has developed a comprehensive toolkit which provides a number of workforce planning resources for provider managers; it includes everything from a staff professional development plan, training reporting templates, action checklists and budgeting to strategic planning and all you need to know for developing a Workforce Development plan. 
A series of planning workshops have been delivered in the region and individual follow up support is also available to all providers involved.

Workforce Development encompasses thinking and action at multiple levels and this project aims to ensure providers have the right people in the right jobs at the right time.  This is a key initiative to improving the capacity of Maori providers to deliver effective services and ultimately contribute to the health and well being of their communities. 
Further information is available or contact Sharon Muru -

Supporting Clinical Leadership within our Service

A recent structure change to management within Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service has seen two Medical Officers of Health take on overall responsibility for key teams within our service including Environmental Health and Planning and Development. 
As Public Health physicians Dr Jim Miller and Dr Neil de Wet combine their role as a Medical Officer of Health with line management which brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to these teams and provides sound clinical leadership and strategic direction on the public health actions undertaken by our service. 

Updated service website promoting Public Health in our region

Over the past year Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service has worked very hard on updating its website. It includes key information on our programmes and services, infectious disease updates, health warnings, resources and publications and information on a career in Public Health.  


Promoting Health Careers

Toi Te Ora – Public Health Service alongside the Midland “Kia Ora Hauora” programme coordinator recently promoted health as a rewarding career option to year 13 students in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. 
Over 200 students attended and the wide variety of opportunities and diverse roles within the health sector, particularly public health, were profiled.  The Kia Ora Hauora programme is specifically targeted at attracting more Maori into the health sector, an exciting initiative particularly for our region.   

For more information about any of the above, please contact:

Sharon Muru

Public Health Development Advisor

Toi Te Ora - Public Health Service
Telephone:  07 306 0844  
Mobile:  021 473 716


Further information:



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