Te Uru Kahikatea

Te Uru Kahikatea: The Public Health Workforce Development Plan (2007-2016) (TUK) is the national strategy to guide public health workforce development in within Aotearoa, New Zealand, over the next 10+ years.  

It emphasises a range of actions required now to meet immediate priorities and adopts a future focus that aims to equip the public health workforce to face future challenges.

TUK is an evolving plan that, over time, enables the work to adapt to meet shifts in the way we think about and deliver public health care changes.

While retaining a strong public health workforce focus, TUK aims to support public health job training and development for the whole workforce, particularly the primary and community workforces.

Summary of Te Uru Kahikatea public health framework

Te Uru Kahikatea: The Public Health Workforce Development Plan 2007

TUK Maori Workplan 2011-2017 


Te Uru Kahikatea Workplan 2010-2011

Te Uru Kahikatea 2009 Workplan

TUK Progress Report 2010 - PDF

TUK Progress Report 2010 - word

TUK Progresss Report 2009


The TUK public health vision

The New Zealand vision for public health workforce development is that inequalities will be reduced and the health of all peoples in New Zealand will be improved through public health and societal strategies that are:

  • Delivered by a properly configured, responsive, well-trained and competent (including culturally competent) workforce
  • Strengthened with core public health skills and knowledge
  • Supported by infrastructure and workplaces that actively encourages and develops the public health workforce.


The TUK high-level public health priorities

TUK aims to further two high level government priorities that sit at the heart of the TUK work:

  1. Improving Maori health and reducing inequalities, particularly for Maori and Pacific peoples.  The Maori public health workforce development framework, E Ara Tauwhaiti, aims to strengthen the capacity and capability of the whole of the public health workforce to respond more effectively to the Maori health needs.


    E Ara Tauwhaiti Whakarae - Maori public health workforce development framework


  2. Similarly, TUK includes specific workforce development initiatives to improve Pacific health gain.

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