How is Te Uru Kahikatea put into action?


Two important aspects in implementing Te Uru Kahikatea (TUK) are identifying -


These are important as it is essential to, over time, build a whole-of-sector systems approach to public health workforce development, using TUK as a starting framework. 


Successful implementation relies on a cohesive, sector-driven response to the TUK goals and priority actions:

  • working collaboratively
  • drawing on best practice
  • encouraging innovation
  • sharing development opportunities and,
  • where appropriate, co-ordinating work programmes.


Te Uru Kahikatea annual workplans


Overarching TUK implementation is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health
Each year the Ministry of Health releases a TUK Annual Workplan detailing the ongoing and new work for any given year.  An Outcomes Reports outlining the progress on each Workplan is also produced.

Furthering the work from 2007 and 2008, the “building block” priorities for public health workforce development in 2009 are expanding workplace and professional infrastructure and training.

The MOH ensures that ongoing sector consultation continues on specific projects to ensure the work remains relevant.
To obtain a hardcopy of the Public Health TUK Annual Workplan 2009, please email
*Please quote reference HP4799. 

TUK Maori Workplan 2011-2017 


Te Uru Kahikatea Workplan 2010-2011

Te Uru Kahikatea 2009 Workplan

TUK Progress Report 2010 - PDF

TUK Progress Report 2010 - word

TUK Progresss Report 2009




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