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Other public health careers

There are many other public health jobs which may suit your personality and career aspirations. Examples include:  

  • Public health managers: who scope the work and manage public health teams.
  • Epidemiologists: who study diseases in populations and assist in assessing health needs.
  • Researchers: who research and evaluate social factors involved in health and safety.
  • Programme managers: who manage large programmes of work on key issues.
  • People with generic skills: eg, contract management, service planning, and systems management and administration.

Together all these people plan, implement programmes and monitor change in priority areas of health and safety.
Public health employment: what qualifications are needed?
Most public health positions require some form of tertiary study. This may be a non-degree tertiary programme, (such as a foundation certificate course); a university degree, or a post-graduate degree. Requirements vary according to the career you choose.
Increasingly, some form of tertiary study in public health is required. 

Further information about:

Other health careers 
For information about other general health careers, see the health careers website.



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