Public health careers


Are you up for the challenging, action focused public health career that achieves results? 
Public health has many exciting and diverse careers where the work you do can make a difference to the lives of many families and communities.

Could a public health career be for you?

  1. Do you have a passion to make a real difference in the wellbeing of the people in your local, regional or national communities?
  2. Are you committed to acquiring a wide range of knowledge and skills?
  3. Do you value and respect all people regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, education or socio-economic status?
  4. Do you have the existing or the potential, skills to:
  • Engage with and develop effective working relationships with people, organisations and communities
  • Work with a wide range of other professionals
  • Be or work towards being, a leader in public health?

To enjoy a public health career, you need to value and respect all people and be committed to supporting families and community health to make positive change. 
This may be through a public health job that involves working in the field and/or through planning, management, analysis, policy development, research or other similar activity.  
In return, you will enjoy a rewarding public health career that contributes to a better, healthier future for New Zealand.
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