Pacific public health workforce development


Public health, and its capability to address the determinants of health, is key to improving the health status of Pacific peoples, who suffer from higher incidence rates of chronic diseases such as ischaemic heart disease, stroke, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease than other groups. 


Strengthening the Pacific public health workforce and the capability of the non-Pacific workforce to improve Pacific health and reduce inequalities requires both a short-term and long-term focus.


To improve the health of Pacific peoples in New Zealand and reduce health disparities, it is essential to build the capacity and capability of the Pacific public health workforce and increase the responsiveness of the non-Pacific public health workforce to Pacific public health need.


The Ministry of Health, particularly the Pacific Health Branch has been responsible for co-ordinating, monitoring and reporting on the progress of work of other Ministry of Health groups and sector agencies towards the goals outlined in the Pacific Health and Disability  Workforce Development Plan, Ministry of Health, 2004. 
The Pacific public health work outlined in Te Uru Kahikatea: The Public Health Workforce Development Plan will directly contribute to the achievement of the Pacific Health and Disability Workforce Development Plan goals.










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