Pacific public health workforce development: priority work areas

 Pacific public health workforce development

Each year the Ministry of Health releases an annual workplan for Te Uru Kahikatea . The 2009 priority actions for Pacific public health workforce development are to:


1.  Ensure all new tertiary public health training supports the development of the Pacific public health workforce.
Target: Require training providers who are developing new undergraduate courses to -
  • have Pacific public health leaders on the course development group
  • ensure the methodology and course timetabling is accessible for Pacific, and
  • ensure Pacific is prioritised in marketing and recruitment strategies for the courses.


2.  Increase the understanding of public health and public health roles, by promoting enrolment in public health qualifications and removing barriers to financial access.
Target:  Support Pacific peoples' access to tertiary public health qualifications. 

For example, fees grants have been established for all current undergraduate public health qualifications. Pacifica students comprise half of those receiving grants in the Manukau Institute of Technology Health Promotion Diploma course.  

3.  Improve the information about the Pacific public health workforce and share this, as appropriate, with key stakeholders. 

Target:  Review Pacific public health providers’ current workforce activities and distribute relevant results to the Pacific and general public health sector, and post them on relevant websites by 30 November 2009.


Strengthening the Pacific public health workforce and the capability of the non-Pacific workforce to improve Pacific health and reduce inequalities requires both a short-term and long-term focus.


Pacific public health workforce development: who leads this?

The Ministry of Health, particularly the Pacific Health Branch, has been responsible for co-ordinating, monitoring and reporting on the progress of work of other Ministry of Health groups and sector agencies towards the goals outlined in the Pacific Health and Disability  Workforce Development Plan, Ministry of Health, 2004.

The Pacific public health work outlined in Te Uru Kahikatea will directly contribute to the achievement of these same goals. 



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