Public health workforce development:  Te Uru Kahikatea projects

 Te Uru Kahikatea: Public Health Workforce Development Plan
Te Uru Kahikatea (TUK), the national strategy to guide public health workforce development in New Zealand, outlines a number of  "actions" or projects to implement the nine TUK objectives.  


Each year the Ministry of Health develops a TUK workplan to indicate its work priorities for that year.  

Te Uru Kahikatea 2009 Workplan
TUK Progresss Report 2009
Te Uru Kahikatea Workplan 2010-2011

TUK Progress Report 2010 (pdf file)

TUK Progress Report 2010 (Word file)


TUK newsletters are published each year to provide progress updates on the various projects. 

TUK Newsletter Issue 11 - November 2015

TUK Newsletter Issue 10 - May 2015

TUK Newsletter Issue 9 - January 2013

TUK Newsletter Issue 8 - November 2011.pdf

TUK Newsletter Issue 7 - March 2011.pdf

TUK Newsletter Issue 5 -  October 2008.pdf

TUK Newsletter Issue 4 - April 2007.pdf

TUK Newsletter Issue 3 - August 2006.pdf

TUK Newsletter Issue 2 - April 2006.pdf

TUK Newsletter Issue 1 - April 2005.doc



To give you a quick and more detailed update of current projects, we are creating project pages for each project.  See list below. This list will expand as projects commence and develop.  

If you want further information about project work that is not listed here, please contact us


(March 2012 - some of these pages are under development)



Tertiary Qualification Fees Grants


Certificate in Public Health
"Just the Job" Television Series 5 in 2010
Integrated Competencies Framework


Maori Public Health Leadership Development Course


Public Health Leadership Programme


Inzone Careers Kiosks


Professionalisation of the Health Promotion Workforce

Workforce Development Plan Guidelines for Managers


Multidisciplinary Approach for Public Health







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