Leadership programme for Maori in public health (LIMPH)

The Leadership Programme of Maori in Public Health has been running since 2002 and has a strong reputation for contributing to building the capacity and capability of Maori Public Health leaders.  2016 applications are now open.

Application form 2016
For more information see the Digital Indigenous website.


There will only be 15 - 20 places available for people committed to completing the programme.
This programme follows an action learning approach & is NOT on the NZQA framework.

This programme has been specifically designed for Māori.
This programme aims to:

  • Increase participants’ understanding of a broad number of ‘cutting edge’ leadership issues

  • Provide a safe – but challenging – environment for participants to explore issues related to Māori public health
  • Strengthen participants’ networks across the country by fostering support, mentoring, strategy sharing and retention of Māori staff in the public health sector.
  • A project will also be undertaken outside the wānanga of this programme.
  • A training folder will be provided which will include all pre-reading material for each session.  

Participant Eligibility
For participants to be eligible for the programme, they shall be:
  • Māori; and
  • Currently employed in an organisation that has a Public Health contract with Ministry of Health or District Health Board; and
  • Committed to positive health outcomes for Maori; and
  • Committed to attending all four noho Marae; and
  • Committed to completing the programme.

 More information is available on the Digital Indigenous website.


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