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What is Just the Job?

Just the Job is a TV series of 10 episodes that gives high school students a unique up-close and personal insight into the myriad of career paths on their doorstep and elsewhere in New Zealand.  In each career, a high school student is mentored on-the-job for a day. The high school student gets a real taste of what the career is about. 

Series 4 of Just the Job 2009

Series 4 of Just the Job screened on TV2 in October 2009 and included four public health careers: 

Series 5 of Just the Job 2010

Series 5 of Just the Job screened on TV2 in  August 2010 and included three public health careers:

  • health protection officer
  • public health doctor
  • public health community worker

Click here to view Series 4 and Series 5.

If you would like a free copy of the series 4 or series 5 Just the Job DVDs featuring the public health careers, please
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