Public health careers: Inzone bus and kiosk


D i s c o v e r   y o u r   f u t u r e   i n   p u b l i c   h e a l t h

Are seeking more information about public health careers?
Have you been on the Inzone careers bus or looked at an Inzone careers kiosk in your school library?  
 Public health: Inzone kiosk across schools in NZ

What's Inzone?  

Inzone may have introduced you to the many careers available in public health.

The Inzone Bus Experience: provides information about career opportunities available to you.  The bus houses 21 on-board computer pods (profiling a wide range of different careers) and travels to over 200 high schools around New Zealand.

The Inzone Kiosk Experience: provides information through careers kiosks which are easily accessible in over 100 high school libraries.

Want more information about Inzone:
        Public health: Inzone bus experience
Public health careers
Now you may want to find out more information about the many careers
you could have in public health.  You may just discover your future.

Inside the Inzone bus: information about public health jobs


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