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Date published: September 2011
Published by: The International Union of Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE)
Title: A Call to Action on Health Promotion Approaches to Non-Communicable Disease Prevention
Brief: The International Union of Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) is gathering evidence around their priority areas. The above document is the first document in series which can be used by all embers to advocate with confidence, in relation to key health promotion issues. 

Date published: March 2011
Published by: Canadian Reference Group (CRG) on Social Determinants of Heath
Title: Communicating the Social Determinants of Health: Scoping Paper
Brief: Effective communication requires knowledge of potential strategies to reach and mobilise various groups, skill in framing messages in a way that will allow careful consideration of the issues, and an appreciation for the political context in which proposed change will take place.  This scoping paper attempts to gather some of the background required to plan an effective communication strategy, and point the direction to additional information required before such an effort is undertaken.

Public Health Advocacy

Date published: Second edition 2009
Published by: Public Health Advocacy Institute of Western Australia
Title: Advocacy in Action: A Toolkit for Public Health Professionals
Brief: This toolkit will provide an introduction to public health advocacy, an outline and examples of key advocacy strategies and samples of practical tools to get you started.


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