About the Ministry of Health

    The Ministry of Health aims to ensure that the health and disability support system works for all New Zealanders. As principal advisor to the government on health and disability policy, we lead and support the sector to achieve better health for New Zealanders, including reduced inequalities, better participation and independence, trust and security. The Minister of Health has overall responsibility for the health and disability system.
    • What the Ministry does - Learn more about our responsibilities and priorities.
    • Organisation structure - Directorates, Executive Leadership Team and Chief Advisers.
    • Business Units operate separately from the Ministry and most have their own organisational identities, publications and websites.
    • Publications that set out and report on accountability, performance and strategic direction.
    • Legislation - The Ministry of Health administers 26 Acts of Parliament and 144 Regulations.
    • International linkages - The Ministry maintains active links with international health organisations and other health ministries.


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